On Balance. We Offer You More.

At SM&L, we take pride in the reputation we've developed for integrity, professional excellence and commitment to service.

One Big Picture. Many Component Parts.

Simone Macca & Larrow and MSI Legal & Accounting Association. Together We Are Stronger.

MSI is a leading global multidisciplinary association of over 200 independent accounting, law, tax, and specialist professional service providers in some 90 countries throughout the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Each firm is carefully selected for its record of quality and depth of experience.

As an MSI member firm, Simione, Macca & Larrow is fully independent, and yet part of something bigger and truly unique. Ultimately, working with an MSI member firm like ours gives you the best of both worlds: local expertise and personal service combined with international multidisciplinary expertise.

Why did we choose to join? Because more and more, businesses like yours are expanding your bases of operation, even to the point of crossing international borders. As a direct result, you’re often faced with a whole new set of service requirements relating to international law, taxation, accounting, and more. As an MSI member, Simione Macca & Larrow is now better able to assist you at home, across the country, and around the world.

Equally important, MSI members frequently exchange technical information both formally and informally. The net result is, we can answer any question you might have quickly, thoroughly, and accurately.

MSI. It’s all about sharing. And ultimately, it’s all about you.